How you offer your gifts to the world is a never ending process that is continually morphing during all stages of your journey. At the heart of how you use your gifts is pinpointing the right actions that naturally motivate + inspire you and are aligned to your values.

When we take action from a place of love, integrity, and purpose, our efforts feel energized and effortless. The right people show up and things you need appear out of no where. When we take action out of place of fear, responsibility or social pressure, every step can feel like your feet are drenched in molasses.

Actions on a journey of truth often feel bold. They push the edge of your comfort zone in a way that tastes like freedom. In fact, bold action is at the heart of changing your current circumstances in order to live closer to your truth. It’s action that challenges and invigorates you.

The best things in this world were created by people who were willing to take bold action: To face what felt like the impossible and create the possible.

Your bold action doesn’t cross the line or play too safe – it’s just right. It’s the action you’ve been yearning to take.