To me, this is the juiciest (and most challenging) part of your journey: transitioning to making a living out of pursuing your passion full-time.

Making a living out of pursuing your passion requires a lot of belief in yourself and what you offer. It can be damn frustrating when things don’t go as planned, but this is also where you reap the biggest rewards.

By working with me, you’ll learn the following to make your transition an inspired + smooth one:

» Discover your relationship to money and whether or not it’s serving you (and turn it into one that is consistently abundant + working in your best interest)

» Become comfortable and ready to own your new identity as a full-time pursuers of [fill in the passion]. Confidentially introduce yourself to potential new clients or at cocktail parties

» Get your loved ones on board with your new endeavors in a way that’s not only supportive, but where they’re your biggest fans

» Maintain balance in your life, so your passion doesn’t become all-consuming. Rather, it remain joyful + FUN

I absolutely love this part of the journey, and I’d love more than anything to help you get where you most want to go.