A side effect of embarking on a  journey of truth is that your goals start to mean the world to you. When that happens, the fear of not achieving them can turn into a major roadblock.

We tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to achieve. We also forget to give ourselves credit for the smaller accomplishments and get stuck in the thought, “Nothing I do is good enough.”

Two powerful ways to quiet the fear, anxiety, and overwhelm that can stall our efforts is to: (1) know the tools and techniques to turn your inner critic into an inner coach; and (2)  have proper systems in place to manage your time, tasks, and output. With the voice of a strong inner coach guiding you and a support structure in place that is aligned to your natural bio-rythem, tendencies and preferences, you’ll be able to maintain the JOY of your JOURNEY (which ultimately is all there is).

This also means scheduling in time to rest, rejuvenate, and simply have fun. A balanced day will help keep you grounded, energized, and spacious so new creativity and insights have room to arrive.