For Purpose-Driven Peeps

ready to do work you love

If you want to pursue the work you love + feel called to do, but feel too busy, afraid or overwhelmed, then I’ll help you go after your highest goals.

Also called your passion, calling, or soul’s purpose, the work that you love is not only insanely gratifying, it’s aligned to your true talents and beliefs.

In addition to being a certified life and career coach, I am also an accredited and certified Emotional Freedom Technique (or EFT) practitioner. This powerful tool can help you in any area of your life where you’re struggling, and I specialize on using EFT to remove the barriers standing in the way of you and your passion pursuit.

Work with me one-on-one + you’ll get:

» Two one-hour private coaching sessions per month for either 2, 3, or 5 months

» Access to the most powerful coaching tools out there + transformational EFT techniques, so you can identify your goals with clarity + achieve them

» Unlimited email support (and accountability) from me between coaching sessions to keep you on track

Choose from one of the following coaching programs below (or we’ll design one specifically for you + your needs).

As a result of our work together you’ll be:

» CLEAR about what you want to offer the world

» TAKING action aligned to your core values and true talents

» PRODUCTIVE and managing your tasks and priorities with ease

» CONFIDENT in your ability to take risks + follow through on your plans and intentions

» LOVING what you do

» READY to make your passion a full-time pursuit and/or take it to the next level