You were born with core gifts. They are your true talents, your superpowers, the reason why you’re here. You’ll never truly be happy unless you’re using your gifts to create something magical in your life and in the world.

Nearly every ancient culture watched children from the youngest of age to identify their core gifts. Once identified, the entire tribe would do everything they could to help cultivate the child’s gifts as he or she grew. As an adult, they would be assigned a role within the tribe that allowed them to best use their gifts to contribute to the greater good.

In the modern world, we have gotten far away from this practice. Most of us are on our own when it comes to figuring out our role in it all. We have a dream when we’re younger that we pursue only to realize that it wasn’t what we thought it would be. Then we get some years of experience under our belt, and it’s hard to switch directions mid-career. So we stay in a situation that no longer serves us.

Core gifts can be subtle and are often the part of us that we were told at some point in our life to quiet, hold back on, or forget about. Core gifts also have a shadow side that manifests when your authentic self isn’t able to shine. Gaining awareness of when your shadow gifts show up in your life is also an essential part of the journey.