Feedback from people I’ve coached:

Jenni-Rothenberg_400x400I’ve known Allyson from before she became a life coach, and I had the utmost respect for her career and the decisions she has made. I’ve also seen how she has transformed her life. I loved how comfortable Allyson made me feel during our sessions. I also loved the concept of turtle steps and how she followed up with me after the sessions. She has a true desire to want to help others. Allyson is talented, qualified and passionate. She inspires.”

-Jenni Cardamone, Senior Manager, Partnerships & Communications, Devex


“I loved working with Allyson!  She was very warm and empathetic, yet she challenged me to take ‘turtle steps’ and move forward in my life and in my business. I learned and grew so much in my time with her!  We all get stuck, we all procrastinate, we all make bad decisions, but Allyson gave me the tools I needed to get unstuck and stop procrastinating!”

-Denise Mortati, Attorney, Law Offices of Denise A. Mortati


Tonya“Having a life coach was a new and intimidating experience for me. I hoped to gain something positive from the experience, and I did! Allyson provided a safe and supportive space to explore personal and career challenges and to help me find positive ways to move forward.  Allyson helped me gain confidence as I reentered the job market and reminded me it is okay to take the time to focus on my health and personal well-being through yoga, reading, and creative projects.  Allyson often followed up with me between sessions regarding “homework” or “turtle steps” which demonstrated how committed she was to our coaching sessions  Working with Allyson was an amazing experience, and I look forward to staying connected through her inspirational and thoughtful blog posts at Shanti Pax.”

-Tonya Peterson, Rural Advocate, Safe Harbor


“Allyson helped me to focus. She made me feel as though I was in a safe place where I could truly be myself without any fear of judgment and that helped me to put some order to my life during a time of much uncertainty. I would highly recommend Allyson to others who are feeling lost and looking for help to find personal or professional direction and balance in their life.”

-José Augusto Balagueró Sánchez, Program Officer, International Services Department of the American Red Cross


Feedback from Shanti Pax subscribers:

“Shanti Pax is incredible and completely inspirational. I immediately was drawn to “Are You Pursuing the Wrong Dream?” The interview with Ruel Walker about Pachamama’s  work was just incredible. After spending many years abroad, I sometimes give myself a hard time for not acclimating to life back in the US. I’ve read many books, have taken numerous yoga and meditation classes, and have surrounded myself with things I have brought back from Europe and other wonderful countries that keep me fulfilled and remind me of a different life out there. So thank you for your blog. It was exactly what I was unconsciously looking for. I was inspired.”
– Christina J., Washington, DC, USA



“I love reading/watching Shanti Pax’s stories! I have spent a career ensuring that people with disabilities know their rights, and your interview with Nitin taught me about the power of not identifying yourself as disabled. That was simply amazing. Your questions are great. Hence, your subjects’ responses are great.” – Ellen C, Seattle, USA



“Shanti Pax is an amazing idea!! I immediately signed up. I love the stories and your comments, really great webpage!! I absolutely understand what you mean about “adrenaline-junkie-dom,” as I call it. It’s probably just part of our work life, but finding inner peace is so difficult in this world. Especially during the last years while I’ve lived abroad and had to cope with many difficulties on a daily basis. I became somewhat nervous and found it hard with all the overseas travel to relax and think about what it important in life – especially to find your place in life and make this a better world.”
– Stella A. Nuremberg, Germany.



“Each day, I try to work a little harder, be a better person, and love a little more. When I was in grad school surrounded by other like minded people, it was easy, because I was constantly inspired by those around me. My friends, family and co-workers continue to inspire me, but not always when I need it most. Allyson, a good friend, has always been an inspiration and a mentor to me. I’ve found that her posts come right when I need a peaceful reminder of all things good in this world. As a friend, I support her fully. As a peace educator, I find meaning in her words. And as a human, I connect with her posts and the community that she is building.”
– Anna T., Baltimore, USA



“In the past year poetry has come easier to me. I have bits and pieces of poems floating around I am trying to discipline myself to give birth to. This little snippet came fully formed and unbidden. Reading your blog page Powerful Beyond Measure helped unlock it.”
– Jim G. Chicago, USA



What might it mean
I begged the night
to multiply that force
become a prism of the Light
a conduit of Source



“Peace, Generosity,  Faithfulness, … these words may seem idyllic; nevertheless they make sense for those who want to bring value in his/her life. My father is retired from the Belgian army and has always being reminded me that we are so lucky in the West… Lucky for what? We have being living in Peace for more than 65 years now and, yes, we should be aware of this. That’s the reason why testimonials that Allyson, with Shanti Pax, shares with us are crucial. She demonstrates that there are people – all around the world (living already in peace or hoping to live so soon), who bring all their energy to reach this ultimate goal. Their efforts are not in vain. Their beliefs are going to bring them success. How? Mahatma Gandhi gave us the key: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  This quote does inspire Shanti Pax, does inspire its interviewees  …and should  inspire us in our life today.”
– Muriel S., Namur, Belgium



“I’ve been following Shanti Pax’s development since it was first launched and am impressed with how much it has grown. Allyson is running a truly inspiring blog.”
– Claire S., New York, USA



“I have fallen in love with your words and just the big picture of what we can all do as individuals to stand up, make a difference using our own unique talents, and just putting in the TIME! Shanti Pax has helped me reconnect with myself, my talents, and in turn, getting back out there in the community and giving myself!  As a parent, you can get so wrapped up in your kids’ world and their activities. I feel we need to s l o w down and think about WHO we are raising and WHAT we want for them. Step by step, and with your blog, I believe it’s a push in the direction I’ve been meaning/feeling we need to go as a family. ”
– Mindi S., Sioux Falls, USA



“I love logging on to Shanti Pax. It reminds me to slow down, take stock and re-focus on what is true.. The site always shares inspirational stories that inform, hearten and inspire with their message of peace and understanding. It does a fantastic job at spreading peace and has helped me believe that i can start to make a change and help peace to grow. Thanks shanti pax!”
– Jenny H., Brighton, UK




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